Monday, December 2, 2013

Posts moved to "Essays on Reducing Suffering"

In Oct.-Nov. 2013, I revamped my main website, "Essays on Reducing Suffering," to improve its appearance, add pictures, and rewrite significant portions of several essays. I also moved some of the higher-quality blog posts there from here. I plan to close out this blog and publish further writings on my main website because
  • I think readers find essays on my main website more authoritative -- lots of people have blogs but not as many have standalone sites like that one,
  • I prefer the fact that my website is static and lays out essays by topic rather than by date -- I fear that on blogs, the old posts get lost and unread even if they're well written and not stale, and
  • my website allows for more customization with formatting, etc.
One feature my static site lacks is comments, but I find that most discussion happens on Facebook nowadays, and sadly, my writings may appear more credible without comments. (As an example, an academic would not have a comments section for the papers on her website.)

Thanks to the readers of this blog for past contributions. I welcome continued feedback on my writings by email or Facebook.


  1. Is there an RSS feed, or some RSS-compatible way to be informed about new content?

  2. I haven't bothered to set one up, but I could look into it if there's enough interest. If so, let me know if you have suggestions on what to use to create the RSS.

    If only a few people are interested, it might be easier just to email them with notifications.